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Welcome To Remedial Timber and Damp Services (RTDS)

Welcome to Remedial Timber and Damp Services (RTDS). We specialise in Surveys to old traditional built buildings which we call ‘heritage’ surveys. We are truly independent and are not affiliated to any trade association or building chemical company.

The Proprietor of the Company is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building, a Chartered Construction Manager, a Member of the Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers and an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

Damp Proofing, wall reinforcement and timber rot treatment in Kent

We can also offer a complete service for all damp and timber treatments, wall stabilisation works such as wall tie replacement and Crack Stitching for both the private client and the commercial client.

In working with our clients, our policy is to be honest, direct and independent in conveying advice or rendering an opinion.

Our Timber and Damp Surveys are based on a holistic approach to provide a thorough understanding of a building from which an accurate diagnosis is obtained. This provides us with the necessary information to recommend the appropriate remedial action to remedying any damp issues. This type of study is known as building pathology.

British Standard BS 7913:2013 contains numerous references to ‘competence’ in that surveys should be “Carried out by competent persons with knowledge of traditional materials, construction techniques and decay processes”. This experience can’t be gained by attending an in-house three day PCA course. It goes on to say “Unbiased advice from competent persons based on best practice should be sought…”

Our remedies deal with the root cause of the problems associated with damp, they provide long term solutions by respecting the buildings original design principles and using building materials (lime mortars etc.) appropriate for repair work, which helps them breathe again.

If you feel that you require damp proofing or are worried about other remedial works, please give us a call today. We will be more than willing to give advice and arrange a survey to be carried out if necessary.

Find our more about Diagnosing Damp here.